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Cook’s Perspective™ closes the gap between the appliance seller and the consumer.

By looking at an appliance purchase from different perspectives, we can all learn to speak the same language. Not only does a sales professional need to understand the needs of of their customer, but Cook’s Perspective™ also teaches the customer how to understand their OWN needs. By giving both parties an opportunity to effectively communicate with each other, the retailer increases sales and the consumer goes home with a product that increases the joy they find in their kitchen.

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As I began teaching Cook’s Perspective™ around the country, and at the same time working with experts in the medical industry, I found that there was also a gap in understanding between doctors and patients when it came to food, ingredients, and nutrition. That’s when I realized that Cook’s Perspective™ could also be an effective tool to help doctors and their patients communicate how powerful it is to eat for your health.

As you explore my site, find your place amongst the Cook’s Perspective™ and enjoy! I hope that it helps you create sales, understand your own needs in the kitchen, or integrate a doctor’s protocol or prescription. In any case, happy cooking!

All the Best,

Chef Bridget

What’s your perspective? (COMING SOON)