Knife Sharpening


Sharp Knives by Chef Bridget

A Mobile LICENSED and Bonded Professional Knife Sharpening service

why are sharp knives important, you ask?

1. First and foremost, having sharp knives in your kitchen is a matter of safety.

2. Sharp knives supports sharper skills.

As a chef, mentor, and instructor, my first detail is safety when it comes to creating order in the kitchen (as well as in the garden). Practicing great discipline with our tools and equipment is the formative building block of becoming confident in the kitchen and outdoors. Sharp knives & tools are to be honored, used, and maintained as part of a great kitchen routine. However, I recognized that most people do not want to take the time to sharpen their knives; so I opened Southern California's only professional chef owned-and-operated knife and tool sharpening service.

  • Weekly service locations in the Orange, LA, and & San Diego Counties

      • Entertaining as well as informative Knife Skill Education & Sharpening Seminars for your next event

      • If you have a professional kitchen that needs knife sharpening, or an ideal location for me to offer my services to your clients, please contact me directly at: