Bridget Bueche

 I am so grateful. My professional career has lead me to remarkable places, creating long term relationships, with the most amazing people"  


Tom Cavallo EVP of Sales Dividend Finance

  • Former owner innovator of Fixtures Living/Pirch


Bridget was a colleague that I valued immensely during our time together at Pirch.  Trustworthy and dependable. Recognizing the immeasurable value in her knowledge and skill set both enhanced the customer experience and increased our revenue growth. Her professionalism provided a focused and detailed environment amongst her colleagues and showrooms.  Bridget's strength of character was evident by her perseverance and direction during our company's start up years which lead her to be one of the most respected and appreciated leaders within PIRCH.

I would welcome an opportunity to work with Bridget in the future, recommend her for a leadership role or consulting position.



land Developer, Real Estate and Business Strategist


I have known Bridget professionally for years. Without a moment of hesitation, I would encourage anyone to embrace her culinary passion. Bridget has given me an extraordinary gift; she not only gave me confidence to cook, she guided me in crafting the perfect kitchen for my growing family.

LISA Rayburn