As a customer advocate for the past 30 years I have cooked, entertained, loved, nurtured, honored, celebrated, promoted, and experienced being a caregiver, chef, an appliance expert, and a trusted food authority. And during today’s chapter of my career, I am here to do what I love, for the people who need my skills — both personally and professionally.

This site is here in the hopes that we’ll have a chance to work together and create something incredible together one day. You’ll find information here about how to invite me to speak at your next event, or how we can partner together to enhance your business. There is plenty here for appliance manufacturers and retailers to increase sales, but it doesn’t stop there.

Are you a farmer or a doctor? Fantastic! Let’s discuss today’s food sourcing and how we can team up to create better quality health with better quality food. And if you’re the consumer, we’ve probably already met on social media. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you identify how to live your best life at home in your own kitchen. (You’ll want to check out Cook’s Perspective™ for the Consumer).

There’s so much for us do together. I look forward to designing, building, strategizing, creating, entertaining, educating, promoting with you; and most importantly, celebrating all that we’re about to accomplish.

Professional Life

Having 18 years of experience in luxury appliances, I have had hundreds of collaborations designing, teaching, demonstrating and creating world-class cooking environments in executive leadership positions.

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And today, as an independent consultant, I collaborate directly with trade show/event specialists, farmers, designers, architects, luxury real estate professionals, organic non-GMO food brands, and luxury appliance retailers & manufacturers to innovatively enhance brand visions. You’ll often find me crafting experiences for my clients that come alive for their consumers. I teach teams and an individuals how to gain consumers’ trust and build buying confidence that lives long beyond the point of sale. My clients create lifelong relationships with consumers who fall in love with their brand based on the consumer experiences I develop.

Also, organic sustainable food is a hot topic right now, but it’s something I have focused on throughout my 30 year cooking career. And in that time, I have developed a reputation for anticipating future food trends, which allows me to provide on-trend recommendations to my consultancy clients.

My journey continually leads me to explore regenerative food systems — where our food comes from, how it’s grown, how it’s crafted, processed, and how it’s repurposed. And if you’d like to learn more about how you can use this information in your personal life, I’d love to meet you an in-person event. Keep an eye on my events page, or reach out to find out how we can set up a private event or presentation in your local area. Additionally, my passion for helping others gain confidence in the kitchen allows me to help individuals find exactly what they need for how to live their lives & guide their decisions about food.