Let’s turn your next event into a lively, demonstrative, and sensational experience!

Let’s talk about how the Cook’s Perspective™ methodology can help you achieve your goals. Whether you’d like to teach your team how to increase sales by better understanding and connecting with consumers, or you have a group who would love to learn about the healing properties of food, I have a variety of topics and demonstrations that I can customize for each unique audience.

There are a few ideas below of presentations I have given around the country to get your mind going, but reach out to me so that we can figure out exactly what your group could benefit from. I look forward to sharing, learning, and growing with you.

The key to sales is understanding and connecting with your consumer.

Effectively get your product into the consumer’s home

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My teaching methodology Cook’s Perspective™ began in the appliance sales world. I found that sales increased exponentially when I adjusted my language and demonstration style to meet their needs and understanding of kitchen life.

Cook’s Perspective™ will also look at how we demonstrate products. Is your team demonstrating your best appliances in a way that allows them to shine in the eyes of the consumer? There is a certain transformative magic that occurs with an effectively executed demonstration, and I can’t wait to show you all of the tools of the trade that I’ve learned along the way.

Food as medicine

Understand the link between what we eat and how we feel

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Our understanding of today’s food is changing at lightening speed, and the link between food and wellness is becoming increasingly irrefutable. I have worked in partnership with Eastern and Western MDs, Functional Medicine doctors, nutritionists, energy healers and kinesiologists to reverse DIS-EASE through strategic food plan programing and healing. And what I’ve found is that when someone is told that they have to change their way of life, it can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re the doctor giving the diagnosis or the patient who is receiving the diagnosis, there is much to understand and discuss when integrating food into a healing plan. I am here to help you take a diagnosis and put it into action. There is so much for me to share with your group - intelligent food sourcing techniques, the integration of apps and technology, how to manage new rules and guidelines, and dealing with the fear of a new diagnosis.

Together we’ll discuss real life skills, food identification and preparation, proper food storage and preservation, refrigeration and pantry tips tricks, and long term solutions to meet either your own needs or the needs of your patients’ new lifestyle goals. Wellness through proper nutrition is possible, but we all need to be on the same page. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned on my journey.

Other topics I present include:

  • Finding your Cook’s Perspective™ - become an empowered consumer

  • The food journey of technology

  • What to eat now?

  • Food as Medicine

  • Ingredients can be healthy or harmful - what’s on your plate?

  • How the Farmers Market is a Classroom

  • Sense of sell-designing and selling with the 6 senses

  • The appliance triangle - manufacturer, retailer & consumer - who is your client?

  • Show/Teach/Do - steps to running effective demonstrations

  • How leadership includes wellness

  • Top 10 ways to prepare for a Grand Opening

  • Farmers Market tours is a business strategy - and a gift that gives a lasting effect long after the sale!

A customizeable presentation

Let’s create something special together

In my years of presenting and demonstrating, I’ve learned that no two groups are the same. Reach out and let me know who your audience is, and we’ll find something to enhance your tradeshow, seminar, or experiential event.

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