Are your health symptoms becoming hard to ignore?

In complete discretion and total privacy I have worked in partnership with Eastern and Western MDs, Functional Medicine doctors, nutritionists, energy healers and kinesiologists to reverse DIS-EASE through strategic food plan programing and healing . On a team of pros, with love and compassion, I have helped reverse heart disease, high cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure, reduced inflammation and vital symptoms occurring in those with autoimmune diseases, cared for clients having varied forms and stages of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Dialysis, Kidney Stones, Candida, Tape Worm, Leaky Gut, Drug/ Alcohol addiction withdrawals and post recovery food programs.

Together, let’s DISCOVER whats right for you

As a part of your wellness team, I work with you, in the privacy of your home, in synergy and upon agreement with your practitioner's diagnosis and assessment. We can do this virtually, as well as in person upon my availability. We gear up your kitchen for major changes in lifestyle through intelligent food sourcing techniques, dietary needs integration, with assistance of Apps and technology, learning basic and necessary cooking skills in order to get you or your staff, self-sufficient for your prescriptive wellness goals.



MD or certified practitioner?

Let's collaborate to get your clients the skills and practical knowledge in the kitchen for the best recovery possible

When diagnosis meets your clients, the white noise begins.  Behaviors of the past, habits that have been formed over a lifetime, lots of new rules & guidelines, and fear for their health all come into play. In my my experience of being the professional, the household must change. In the process of recovery, referring to any big lifestyle change, your client is met with a lot of change, information, work, planning, and preparation. My job is to be the practical practitioner that takes your diagnosis and puts it into action. Being available to enhance your plan with practical teaching of real life skills, food identification, food prep, proper food storage, food preservation, refrigeration and pantry tips tricks and long term solutions for exactly where your client is at, individually with no judgment, on a as needed basis.